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Information for Referrer's

Who can refer a family:

The main referrals to Home-Start Monmouthshire are received from health visitors and professionals in the social care and child care sectors. A family can self-refer or contact their health visitor or GP for example to be referred.

Please download the referral application form here (PDF).

Home-Start aims to give support to families who may be struggling to cope with a variety of challenges for example:

Post natal depression



The demands of parenting young children


Multiple births

Once a family is referred to us our manager or co-ordinator makes an initial visit with the family to assess their needs. After that we visit with the volunteer, we feel this makes for a comfortable first visit for both parties. Then home-visiting can begin and you as the referrer will receive acknowledgement of this.

All of our home-visiting volunteers are parents or have parenting experience, CRB checked and have completed a thirty hour preparation course. For more information as to the training given please see the volunteers section.

Our approach to home-visiting is to establish a good relationship between volunteer and family, giving the necessary support and friendship. We are a young scheme but these are some examples of the work we have been doing so far:

  • Given confidence to a single mum who is now volunteering in a school on her road back to employment

  • Introduced a mum and accompanies her to a playgroup

  • Taken an isolated mum and toddler to the play in the park and have fun

  • Applied and obtained a grant for mum that didn't have a bed

  • Used the local buses with a young family to get out of the house and visit the area

  • Given a mum a break after the baby didn't sleep one night

  • Help establish routines with the children

  • Sat on the floor and played with the children to show a mum lacking in confidence how to get involved

  • Gave mum and dad a break to play with their son whilst we fed their disabled daughter

  • Swimming with mum and twins

  • Just sat listening for hours and gave a mum a hug

"with time on my hands following retirement, it is good to be involved with young families and to do something to help them in their local community." Quote from volunteer

Home-Start Monmouthshire is a befriending service with volunteers who can give an hour or two a week to a family that needs a friend. Give us a call or an email if you would like to make a referral - it really helps to work with our referrers.

Please download the referral form, email it or send it in the post (we do require the hardcopy with signatures but can start work on an emailed copy).

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